The Apocalyptic Factor

A Descent2 single player/co-operative set


The Apocalyptic Factor is a 15-level set with no secret levels, designed towards a difficulty that would suit co-operative play, but also capable of single player at lower difficulty settings. (If you want to try it on Insane single player, be my guest.) The levels are mostly extremely large, over half being 700+ cubes. Yes, extremely large, not just extremely wasteful. The only place your FPS may get hit bad is in the automap.

The Mission

Level 1: Storage Depot G-22
Location: Europa, Sol system

The Post Terran Minerals Corporation looks for clues to threats they have received at the bottom of the oceans of Europa. You are sent into Storage Depot G-22 nearby to create a diversion.

Level 2: Essonapri Mine
Location: Unknown

After an encounter with another mercenary, the operation backfires, with barely enough data transmitted back to PTMC to render it a success. It is revealed that PTMC has been threatened with destruction by an ex-member of the Extra-Solar Natural Resources Corporation, and PTMC wants to find the weapon fast. You are sent to Essonapri Mine, built around an underground river network on a grey, beaten planet.

Level 3: Serduta Munitions Bunker
Location: Unknown

The second of two possible locations for ESNR's weapon, the sewer networks in Serduta Munitions Bunker have lately gone berserk. A purging operation is in order.

Level 4: Chac'shir Verahn
Location: Limefrost Spiral

Two weeks later, and PTMC calls back to say it's not over yet. The Collective Earth Defense is undergoing a joint operation with PTMC to resolve an infected training ground. In the end the best solution is to blow the place up, and you are sent in to do the job. Meanwhile PTMC downloads the entire Chac'shir Verahn database without CED knowledge.

Level 5: Tefoleg Crater Dig
Location: Shaol

You are sent to the base camp for the anti-ESNR mission on Shaol, where you learn that PTMC is beginning to play dirty. Suddenly, robots from a nearby ESNR mine on Mount Tefoleg bomb the PTMC installation in retaliation for PTMC's attacks. You are sent to the mine to halt the bombing.

Level 6: Alarlof Kiln
Location: Shaol

The PTMC facility has been severely damaged but still stands. PTMC, suspecting that ESNR's weapon is not yet complete, sends you to Alarlof Kiln, ESNR's largest smelting facility, to severely delay the construction.

Level 7: Cefispar Mine
Location: Shaol

Imprisoned PTMC operatives have been located in Cefispar Mine, 2000 kilometers from the PTMC base camp. You are sent in to rescue them, when an unknown voice warns to to back off. Undaunted, you proceed into the mine.

Level 8: Ganesh Dungeon
Location: Unknown

When contacting PTMC before heading home, you find that when you let the prisoners on board, you also gave someone access to your ship's computer. Your warp core activates and you turn up in hell.

Level 9: Lakshmi Dungeon
Location: Unknown

Ganesh Dungeon is no more, but when you head out the escape tunnel you only end up in "Level Two".

Level 10: Firehand Basin
Location: Unknown

After breaking through a rock wall, you are finally free of the dungeons. PTMC cruisers meet you above the surface, where you learn that the dungeons had nothing to do with ESNR. Suddenly a transport appears and deploys thousands of mechs, which proceed to assault the cruisers. You are warped out of the area, later learning that only one of the three cruisers survived the attack. You then search for the source of the transmission you received while entering Cefispar Mine, and warp to a volcanic planet with a small mine.

Level 11: Aurora Abyss
Location: Keonaid Asteroid, Brellan system

Firehand Basin turns out to be a mistake, with all evidence on the planet being erased. Back on the base camp at Shaol, you learn that the weapon that PTMC fears does not belong to ESNR, but rather a radical group known as the Impetus of Justice. ESNR is merely looking for the weapon, quite probably with the intent of using it on PTMC.

Three days later, PTMC has isolated the location of the weapon, code named "Apocalyptic Factor", to a system three thousand light years from Earth. Unfortunately there is a shield surrounding the system, making it impossible to break through. The PTMC fleet enters the system to look for a device to break through the shield. During the scan, a mech spawner in the asteroid belt begins to hassle the fleet, and you are sent into the asteroid to deactivate it.

Level 12: Ursula Asteroid
Location: Ursula Asteroid, Brellan system

As soon as you leave the asteroid, the PTMC fleet seems to be up to something. They are following a mech equipped with a blocker for the shield, but they are not fast enough. The robot learns, however, that it has lost the advantage of speed with your Pyro in pursuit and dives straight into another asteroid, though it doesn't completely disintegrate. It is impossible to travel down the small hole left by the robot, so you have to find another way to the blocker.

Level 13: Lvoxo'nubet H'cehrok
Location: Cilean, Brellan system

Ursula Asteroid was a trap, but you have the blocker nonetheless. You head through the shield to its source on Cilean, in a bid to deactivate it.

Level 14: Laradhe'ehs Core
Location: Dordach, Brellan system

The shield is down, and all hell breaks loose. The PTMC warships engage the power core on Dordach, dealing heavy damage. The IJ's turrets fight back, also dealing heavy damage and destroying a PTMC cruiser. The ESNR then arrive on the scene and start to bombard both sides, but the PTMC and IJ forces endure the onslaught. You are sent to Dordach to cut the power to the Apocalyptic Factor and stop them once and for all.

Level 15: Thorium Core
Location: Apocalpytic Factor, hyperspace

The Impetus of Justice has taken a massive blow and the ESNR forces have retreated after a crushing defeat. However, the final gambit of the IJ, the Apocalyptic Factor itself, is already operational and headed dead toward the PTMC Shiva Station...


Apocalyptic Factor (Descent 2, 1560KB)

1.44-friendly self-extracting RAR (1431KB)

Notes: The patching program is a mere aesthetic hack to make an object in level 12 look better. You don't need to run it if you don't want to.