Descent 3 Levels

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Flower Power(Descent 3)
Flower Power

"Hippy Flava", as the heading on PlanetDescent said. This one's got flowers in it, and it's just an all-around cool level. It can get a little tight, but it's good for a 1 on 1.


Flower Power (380 KB)

Date of Completion: 22 July 2001

Neptune D3(Descent 3)
Neptune D3

I never actually released this one, because I never heard from Buzzerd, the original maker of the level, so I'm just sticking it up here on a minor site. This one will play faster than the original, and it looks way prettier too.


Neptune D3 (704 KB)

Date of Completion: 22 July 2001

Wasp(Descent 3)

The Wasp is a multi-player level set aboard a slightly Shivan-like cruiser. It has a few custom objects and weapons, but they're mostly trapped off from your range. It's small enough for a 1 on 1, but should handle 4 or more players.

The weapons are original, but they shouldn't hurt. I missed out Napalm Rockets for no particular reason except that I know a few people who hate them.

There is, shockingly, enough room for a tunnel in this cruiser, although it actually shoots outside the ship, so it looks like an odd pipe from the outside. But hey, it adds character.


Wasp (436 KB)

Date of Completion: 22 July 2001

Wolf Pack(Descent 3)
Dark Wolf/Darkhorse
Wolf PackWolf PackWolf PackWolf PackWolf PackWolf Pack

I can't be bothered writing another one up. Here, a review by Zidane, off

A very detailed and very great level set to do with his premiere level designing work. Darkhorse has shown us what true D3 anarchy levels should look like! And he picked no finer a candidate for his level ideas than the original Wolf Pack 3, which I had to go play shortly after viewing this just to see the similarities.

The design and attention to detail is amazing, almost insignificant detail was added and most likely will never be noticed by casual players, but for those out there that are level designers like myself, these details will not go unnoticed and will be appreciated for the time and effort that went into them.

However, I do agree that CTF isn't the most ideal in these levels because these levels are amazingly small. That's not to say that a good 1 on 1 ctf or maybe even a 2 on 2 ctf isn't possible, just expect the game to be fast and furious. (and probably violent too!) :)

Each level has a certain theme, both in texture appeal and weapon layout. Each level has some defining feature that makes it suitable for its weapon layout. Level 2 has long hallways making good with Vauss and MD. Level 3 has lots of twists and turns and blind corners which make good for a napalm maniac or a micro burst to the face. All levels 'seem' to be suited around their weapon layouts.

The most questionable layout though, has the be the last level, level 6. It has almost every weapon included and even a Cloak! Putting a cloak in is a doubtful decision, however, the D2 version had bunches of them and was even named 'Cloak War', so we'll see if this Cloak actually lends more fun to the level than it already has.

I think I've just talked about everything I could think of with this level pack. Its a nice first release from newcomer Darkhorse and I anxiously await his own 'original' design in the near future. Keep up the good work!

Holy crap, I could never write that much. Um... yeah, that's it. I guess I'll pop off now.


Wolf Pack (3066 KB)

Date of Completion: 22 July 2001