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Anthology(Descent 2)

Here it is - the largest Descent 2 level to date, and there's a good chance it'll stay that way.

Anthology is a D2X-XL exclusive level; it weighs in at an impressive 5501 cubes, with over a thousand each of walls and objects. It's been well over two years in the making, but the result has been worth it.

As Anthology unfolds it follows the progress of the original Descent trilogy, and in more ways than just one. You will find your weapons, enemies, and even the appearance and form of the environment change as you progress through the level.

A word to the wise: as this level is most of the size of many entire mission sets, it will take around 3-4 hours to finish (more if you get lost easily!). Also, you may find you will need a substantial amount of memory for best results.


Anthology (2895 KB)

Date of Completion: 13 February 2008

The Apocalyptic Factor(Descent 2)
The Apocalyptic Factor

A 15-level single-player/co-operative mission with plenty of deadly bosses and a storyline more in-depth than anything the Descent universe has yet thrown at you.

More Information

Date of Completion: 1 April 2002

Obsidian(Descent 2)
Ellusion Design

An 18 level (15 normal, 3 secret) Single player/Co-Operative set, Obsidian has custom robots, objectives, a custom player ship and some custom textures. Created by DarkHorse and Sirius, and with the help of the Ellusion Design team. This is my first Descent 2 campaign.

More Information

Date of Completion: 26 September 1999

Legacy of Chaos(Descent 2)
Legacy of ChaosLegacy of ChaosLegacy of Chaos

Legacy of Chaos is a collection of a number of levels I and Darkhorse had created for various other projects but never actually used. However, they were too good to throw out, so I elected to put an effort into finishing them and then adding them to this 3-level set. A number of old robots got the same treatment.

Some of them are, naturally, quite old, so you will see more than a few glimpses of styles we don't generally use any more. But it is a nice, eclectic mix of levels, and should take a quite manageable length of time to complete in single-player or co-operative.

legacy.txt contains a full history of each level and robot placed in the set, or at least to the best of my knowledge.


Legacy of Chaos (264 KB)

Date of Completion: 27 June 2005

The Scorpion's Lair, Second Edition(Descent 2)
The Scorpion's Lair, Second Edition

The second edition of the Scorpion's Lair is a revision to make it more "player-friendly", especially with fewer players. It now comfortably suits around six players, but could handle 4-8 at a reasonable pace.

The level is mostly simpler in some areas (especially beneath the main rooms), and somewhat smaller; there are about the same number of weapons, but they are easier to find.


The Scorpion's Lair, Second Edition (18 KB)

Date of Completion: 23 October 2006

FV-24B(Descent 2)

FV-24B is my first level specifically for Diedel's D2X-W32. In this case it is designed to exhibit the new Descent 3-style CTF mode, and as such borrows a fair bit of inspiration from one of the best D3 CTF levels, Halcyon.

However, since the most players you can get in a Descent 2 game is still 8, it needed to be scaled down just a bit. The weapon balance ensures that it will be basically impossible to run out, even though you may be virtually swimming in them at times with fewer players.

I designed FV-24B to look fairly similar to FV-24 in terms of texturing; the red/blue colouring is still present, although the theme is perhaps more metallic now.


FV-24B (22 KB)

Date of Completion: 2 May 2005

Desert Colossus(Descent)
Desert Colossus

Made for the Descentia 2k1 level building contest. This is the only level I haven't converted to D2... but uh... it's good! Relatively open compared to my usual designs.


Desert Colossus (29 KB)

Date of Completion: 31 May 2001

Year of the Snake II(Descent 2)
Year of the Snake II

YotS2 is essentially a port of the D1 version, with a few changes: namely, some textures are a little different, I took the liberty to add a few signs, animated and non- animated, retextured the advanced lifter and there are flag bases now.

The texturing, apart from that, is exactly the same, unless you count the lava, which doesn't make much of a difference anyway.

There are a few small changes in the weapon load-out; the lasers have become super lasers, there are two gauss cannons and E2S converters, only one Smart missile, a Merc and a Flash. The rest is still the same old balance, even to the lengths of the three Vulcan cannons.


Year of the Snake II (29 KB)

Date of Completion: 27 August 2001

Year of the Snake(Descent)
Year of the Snake

This level just owns, according to those that have seen it so far - but I'd rather let you decide for yourself. It has my typical texturing/structure design, save that this time it was designed for anarchy and tested several times. This should mean it plays very well (and so far, it has).

It has three of everything in the primary weapon field, and three smart missiles; that's all. I'd recommend it for 2-5 players.


Year of the Snake (16 KB)

Date of Completion: 25 April 2001

Helium(Descent 2)

The level I made for the 40th Descent 2 Revival, and the last run under Stealth. Thus it was part of the final Revival Pack.

It is based in many ways on the boss room of Descent 1 level 7, but also with touches from Descent 2 Dogfight level 1, and some of its own original features.

It's small, so it plays fast; it also has rather heavy weapons to fit in with the preferences of many D2 Revival players at the time. It was host to some rather hectic gameplay during the event.

Obviously it's still here; so if you need a hard and fast level for four or so players, Helium will work nicely.


Helium (30 KB)

Date of Completion: 15 September 2003